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INVT undertakes the mission of “making our best endeavors to enhance clients’ competitiveness with cost-effective products and services”, and it keeps exploring and satisfying various demands of clients. INVT has maintained a leading position in domestic frequency inverter market, and boasts a wide range of frequency inverters with the voltage from 220V to 10KV and the power from 0.4KW to 8,000KW. These frequency inverters have been widely applied in many industries, such as hoisting, mining, metallurgy, textile, machine tool, chemical industry, plastics, oil field and municipal administration. INVT enjoys a high reputation for high-quality products, innovative technologies and considerate services. Depending on rich experience and great achievements in drive control, INVT has extended its business into motion control and new energy industries, and has developed a series of representative products, such as servo system, wind power converter, dynamic reactive power compensation generator, photovoltaic inverter, etc.

  • Reliable and wide range of Frequency Inverters (VFD)
    0.4 to 6600 K.W, 0 to 600 Hz and High pulse In/Out Control
    Connect to PC via 485 com, PID control function
  • Close loop feed back with PG Card

Goodrive 10 Series Mini Inverter

Goodrive10 Mini economic inverters are developed for general applications of small power and OEM market. It applies V/f control technology, making the functions of PID, multiple-speed step, DC braking, Modbus communication, as well as less installation space (15% smaller than the counterparts) available.

Goodrive 100 Series Economic Vector Control Inverter

1、Excellent motor drive performance with autoturning of rotation or static
2、Independent duct design capable of supporting wall mounting and (through wall) flange mounting
3、Built-in C3 filter (standard)
4、External LED keypad (standard)
5、Product design strictly complies with IEC international standards and has passed the CE certification testing of the
6、International authoritative certification TUV-SUD 


INVT Inverter GD 200 Series

Goodrive200 Series General Purpose Inverter

The Goodrive200 inverter adopts DSP control system platform and uses Speed sensorless vector control technology.Compatible with many types of protection methods. Can be used with asynchronous motors, Providing excellent driving performance. The product's air duct design, hardware configuration, and software capabilities all greatly improve the customer usability and environmental availability.


DBU Dynamic Braking Unit

Dynamic braking unit is applied in quick decelerating, positioning and braking. Because of the big inertia of load, when braking, the momentum will be converted to electric energy, and then the voltage of D.C. main bus will go up. The DBU can be used up the regenerative energy, so as to prevent inverter being at over-voltage fault.

1. Braking voltage: Multiple braking voltages are optional.
2. Paralleling pattern: Support mater-slave paralleling.
3. Response time: Less than 1ms, can offer multiple noise filtering.
4. Protection: Over-temperature, Over-current, Short-circuit, etc.
5. Resistance: Common resistance.
6. Protection level: IP20.


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